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Four reasons our clients choose us:

  1. Specialist knowledge - We specialise in pre-retail businesses so we understand your needs. Our solutions are designed specifically to improve the profitability of companies that supply retailers. Because we come in contact with so many organizations like yours, in many cases we can also provide advice on procedural improvements that have nothing to do with computers.
  2. Low risk - We have a list of enthusiastic customers that will confirm the benefits of working with us. Some of our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by implementing our systems.
  3. Fixed prices - We have done it all before so we can provide you with fixed price quotes and guarantee the outcomes.
  4. One-stop shop - We represent and integrate all the leading computer software packages that suit the pre-retail industry including WebTrack, FinancePlus, SalesOracle, Legrand CRM, GoldMine, Maximizer, Salesrobot, Ezyboom, RepairCentral, ShippingPartner, BizMerchant, SupportHub etc.

What our clients say...(Just three of our many enthusiastic clients)

Peter Hosking, CEO, GMC (Power tools):

"FinancePlus allows us to maintain tight control over all aspects of our cash flow, even when it comes to the traditionally difficult job of reverse logistics. In fact, in the last year alone the cash-flow Debtor control capabilities of FinancePlus have saved GMC over $300,000."

Paul Velten, CFO, TIC Group (Major supplier to Kmart, Target and Coles Myer):

"I can say that all our requirements have been met. The implementation has improved and simplified our processes. This has improved our efficiency and our savings will pay for the purchase and implementation within 12 months."

Andy Trott, National Manager, Australia Post:

"I have been extremely impressed with the level of professionalism demonstrated by all the staff. I am equally impressed with their willingness to work together to ensure I get the solution I want."

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