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PreRetail exists to improve the profitability of organisations that sell to retailers.

If you wholesale, (import, produce, warehouse or export goods) our specialist, computer systems can greatly improve your profitability and make your business easier to run.

Over the past 10 years we have designed, built and packaged specialist computer systems that have greatly improved the profitability of our clients.

We offer software modules that can streamline your expensive manual operations and paperwork and help to build your sales.

We group these modules into four broad categories:

Ezydeal, Ezyscan, Ezysend

Ezymake, Ezyforecast, Ezywims, Ezybuy

Ezyboom, Ezyreward, Salesrobot

Ezyservice, Ezysell, BizMerchant

1. Decrease your costs. Improve the day-to-day efficiency of your organisation. 2. Take control of your supply chain and / or production facilities. Improve the accuracy of your sales forecasts. 3. Use sales automation to boost your revenue. Reward loyalty. 4. Provide better customer service. Reverse logistics, service and support. Understand your consumer.

Choose to implement one or more of our software modules and make your business easier to run, more efficient and more profitable. Enjoy a permanent improvement to your business:

  • We implement your new system
  • It pays for its self in under 12 months
  • You enjoy your profit improvement, every year from then on

For further information on how PreRetail can improve your business please call our PreRetail business manager, James Komninos directly on +61 3 9406 5036 or via email at

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