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Scan each item as you pack it
It's easier & cheaper than you think

Why scan as you pack?

100% accuracy in orders shipped…the dream can become reality!

Some of the advantages:

  1. Save money on freight costs to replace items sent incorrectly
  2. Present your organisation as a high quality, professional outfit that always delivers what the customer ordered
  3. Save money because some customers will not report the mistake when the goods sent are more expensive than the goods ordered and invoiced
  4. When you send out the wrong items it frustrates your customers and can embarrass them in front of consumers
  5. Your stock levels will be more accurate making it easier to ensure you never run out of stock.
  6. Your staff will stop wasting time trying to sort out shipping errors
  7. It is easier to train up emergency/casual/new staff because they don't need to know all stock items intimately in order to be productive.

Our amazing offer (valid to 30/9/2002)

Ezyscan Offer We will link Ezyscan ™ to your accounting system at no cost
Ezyscan Offer 30 day unconditional guarantee
Ezyscan Offer Free installation, training and technical support for 3-years
Ezyscan Offer Free upgrades for 3-years so that it will continue to work even with new versions of your accounting system

Why the Ezyscan ™ system

  1. It works with your existing accounting system and is the easiest way to get all the benefits of scanning goods as they are packed
  2. Comes with exceptional user and technical support and all upgrades for 3 full years. It is an Australian product with local support.
  3. It is unconditionally guaranteed.
  4. It is written, maintained and supported by PreRetail ™. We exist to improve the profitability of companies that sell to retailers.
  5. It is part of a suite of 12 software modules that can work seamlessly together or stand-alone. These modules can streamline expensive, manual operations and paperwork and help build your sales.
"Over 2 years ago we started electronically importing all our orders and scanning items as we pack them. We do over 250 orders per day and achieve 100% accuracy using this system"

- DAS Distribution

Let us implement Ezyscan ™ for you and enjoy a permanent improvement to your business.
Please call our PreRetail ™ business manager, James Komninos, directly on
(03) 9406 5036 or via email at

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