PreRetail PreRetail

Choose one or more from these 20 easy-to-take 'profit pills'

  1. Track your supplier purchase orders all the way from the moment you place them until the goods arrive at your door.
  2. Accurate stock levels at all the physical locations in your warehouse/s.
  3. Powerful sales forecasting systems means less back orders while maintaining less stock on hand.
  4. Have an instant snapshot of your organization's financial performance at any time.
  5. Manage foreign currencies easily.
  6. Proactive marketing works!
  7. Maximise your financial return from promotions in your retailer's catalogues.
  8. Manage your spare parts and repair centre.
  9. Better control over your cash flow and debtors.
  10. Better ways to manage your reverse logistics including Return Authorisation (RA) numbers etc. You can attain higher satisfaction ratings among consumers while saving money.
  11. Automatically generate shipping labels and stickers from the customer invoice and book your freight with major Australian transport companies such as Star Track, Australia Post, VFS etc.
  12. Allow your customers to place orders directly on your website. No phone call required and no paperwork.
  13. Allow your customers to track order status directly on your website. Less support calls, better service.
  14. Automatically accept purchase orders from major Australian retailers such as Bunnings, Danks, Big W, Coles Myer etc, directly into your accounting system.
  15. Electronically invoice your customers. It's cheaper and easier.
  16. Allow your customers to access your parts and product catalogue or maintenance and support information directly from your website. Self-service is cheaper for you and easier for them.
  17. Allow the public to register their warranty information directly on your website. This means that they don't have to worry about loosing their warranty papers and you know who is buying your products and why.
  18. EzyBoom catalogue management software can remind and track the orders of all the individual retail outlets within a corporate group. Ensure that they each pre-order adequate stock of all your products that are to be featured in one of their upcoming catalogues. Eg. Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, etc.
  19. If you store goods owned by other people (i.e. manage a 3rd party, contract warehouse) then Ezywim software will make this easy.
  20. For those that need to manage production environments then Ezymake software will remove a lot of your load. (Schedule production lines, manage the timely re-ordering of raw materials according to sales forecasts, ensure that the correct "recipe" is being used on the shop floor etc.

Many, many, more possibilities.

We specialise in the pre-retail industry so we regularly discover new efficiencies that pay for themselves.

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